Groningen, Netherlands

Global Health & Quantified Self

when 24 May 2017 - 16 June 2017
language English
duration 4 weeks
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 1950

The course Global Health & Quantified Self explores the aspects of globalisation and health that are linked to digital health and self-tracking. It is organised in close cooperation with the Quantified Self Institute ( and is the first educational programme in the world to incorporate Quantified Self into an educational programme at bachelor level.

Course leader

Henk Willemsen, MLI,, +31505957596

Target group

When you want to apply for the course 'Global Health & & Quantified Self', there are certain admission requirements. Students have a background in sport studies, nursing, allied health care studies, midwifery, social studies or human technology studies, and have completed the first year of their bachelor’s, undergraduate or associate degree. Students should have experience with working in teams on a project basis and have research skills. Students must be proficient in the English language: IELTS 6.5, or TOEFL 550, or Dialang B2.

Course aim

Hanze UAS is part of the Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands, which is the European reference network for active and healthy ageing. Thanks to national and international cooperation, the knowledge available and the efficient communication with the private sector, the north of the Netherlands is a logical trial area for innovations and new care concepts, which you will of course encounter during your time at the summer school.

The programme offers you the unique opportunity to familiarise with an increasingly globalised world, digitalisation and its effects on health. The course focuses on trends in (digital) health (care) from a global perspective and explores the challenges that we, as health professionals, will face over the next 10 years. The summer school, with a view to the future, helps you to gain knowledge about prevention and self-management in health, which will be beneficial during your career.

The three study areas within this programme are:
1. Global Health, Globalisation, International Organisations & International Cooperation
2. Culture and Health
3. Digital Health and Quantified Self

Quantified Self concentrates on the development of technical applications that support self-monitoring by individuals. This promotes self-knowledge and allows us to analyse personal health information about aspects such as what your client's nutritional intake has been or how he or she has slept recently. Wearable technology such as activity trackers, smartphones and smartwatches generate this information. You will explore a number of state of the art self-quantification technologies, as well as the significance of these digital (health) developments in terms of health and social care professionals.

Fee info

EUR 1950: This fee includes:
- Housing
- The study programme
- Excursions
- A bicycle

This fee does not include:
- The costs of daily living
- Train travel from the airport to Groningen
- Flights
- Insurance