Denmark, Aarhus

Management, motivation, and performance in the public sector

when 1 August 2011 - 26 August 2011
duration 4 weeks
credits 9.9 ECTS

How can public managers generate efficient organizations? Some believe that employees must be incentivized through external rewards or sanctions. This can for example be seen in the performance-oriented management reform that has travelled the globe during the past few decades. Others have oppositely claimed that managers should rely more on trust, autonomy, and professionalism because employees primarily work due to intrinsic motives. In the course we will discuss questions such as: How can we best understand the motivation of public employees, how do external and internal types of motivation go along, and how do they affect individual and organizational performance? Course offered by Department of Political Science, AU.

Course leader

Christian Bøtcher Jacobsen, Aarhus University

Target group

Applicants must be at Master level holding a relevant bachelor

Course aim

At the end of the seminar, the students are expected to be able to:

Account for a selection of theories, methods, and cases on motivators and motivation.
Demonstrate knowledge of work motivation, particularly in the public sector.
Compare differences and similarities of motivational theories and systematically analyze their foundation and internal consistency.
Discuss the relevance of different theories on motivation and management in the public compared to the private sector.
Discuss criteria for and problems of aspects of management in the public sector compared to the private sector.
Discuss how management of professionals is different from management of non-professionals.
On a theoretical basis account for the actual usage of different motivational strategies in the public sector.
Discuss the relation and mutual influence of different types of motivation.
On a theoretical basis discuss how different types of motivations affect the behavior and performance of employees.
Orally convey scientific analyses and conclusions as well as political and professional counseling within the field of public management

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