Zlín, Czech Republic

Lean Engineering

when 12 August 2019 - 23 August 2019
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 620

Subjecs covered:

1) Lean production (right ideas for good lean production, methods and tools of industrial engineering for lean performance and production effectiveness, production concepts in the Czech Republic and in the world)

2) Lean administration (definition of administration process in the company, process analyse and improvement model proposals for efficient administrative processes, teamwork and motivation for lean administration and production)

3) Lean logistics (core principles of effective enterprise logistics, material and information flows in the lean production and administrative logistics, KAIZEN activities in enterprise logistics)

4) Lean in innovation processes (Good innovation – big profit for company and customers)

5) Innovation concepts – practical examples

Course leader

prof. Ing. Felicita Chromjaková, PhD. (summerschools@utb.cz)

Target group

Everybody interested in this topic can participate in TBU Summer School 2019.

Course aim

During the whole summer school will have the participants to play training games to the selected topics and concrete methods, next they will have the opportunity to see a lot of practical videos from lean techniques with orientation on the practical use of lean methods and techniques.
All participants will be divided in the small teams, which will solve own projects during the summer school on competitive basis.
Key point of Lean Academy Summer School is give the student’s possibility to be familiar with the phenomena of “lean world”, which delivers the desired outcomes by required inputs and special give the possibility to find in the team the new way of thinking and acting for better creativity, innovation ability, effectiveness and financial-nonfinancial profit in the company and their own life.

Fee info

EUR 620: Fee for the first round of applicants. The fee is covering course fee, accommodation, breakfasts and events.
EUR 670: Fee for the second round of applicants. The fee is covering course fee, accommodation, breakfasts and events.