Denmark, Aarhus

Emergence, Explanation and Complexity

when 1 August 2011 - 26 August 2011
duration 4 weeks
credits 9.9 EC

The rise of the interdisciplinary scientific study of complex phenomena, from anthills to brains to global climate, raises many interesting philosophical questions. What is it for a phenomenon to be complex? Are there methodological approaches that are distinctive to complexity science? This course provides an overview of these issues, with a focus on (1) emergence as an important concept in the debate over reductionism in philosophy of science and philosophy of mind and (2) the scientific explanation of complex phenomena. Course offered by Department of Philosophy and history of Ideas, AU.

Course leader

Alan Baker

Target group

BA in Philosophy or relevant discipline.

Course aim

To familiarize students with recent literature in philosophy on emergence, to examine ways in which insights from complexity science can inform and by informed by more philosophical approaches, and to explore the prospects for developing a concept of emergence that is both scientifically relevant and philosophically coherent.

Fee info

EUR 0: See website for information regarding fees