Netherlands, Utrecht

Refreshing Mathematics A

when 22 August 2016 - 26 August 2016
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 600

What about y=f(x)? Did you do mathematics at high school, but have your skills in solving mathematical problems faded away during the summer? Do you want to start your bachelor Economics and Business Economics in Utrecht with more self confidence and a renewed insight in the relevant mathematical knowledge?

If your answer to all three questions is 'yes', then the Summer School Refreshing Mathematics A at the Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E) is a good starting point for your study of Economics and Business Economics! To be more clear, this course does not replace a maths course at high school nor is it intended to eliminate a math deficiency. This course does, however, ensure that your math skills will be up to date ? again ? and that you start your study with more self confidence. Although during the summer school the same material is dealt with as during the extra digital tutorials of the first year course in Mathematics, the advantage is that the relevant material of high school maths is refreshed before the start of your bachelor economics. And you will already meet some of your fellow students and teachers.

Course leader

Dr. Yolanda Grift

Target group

Students who enrol in the bachelor or premaster Economics and Business Economics of the Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E) (or in the bachelor economics of another university) and who want to refresh their knowledge of high school mathematics. This summer school is not meant to eliminate a deficiency in mathematics for a bachelor in economics.

Course aim

The summerschool Refreshing Mathematics A will be dealing with the following subjects: calculus, solving (systems of) equations) and differentiation:
- Calculus is about calculating with letters, working with functions, working with fractions, factoring, etc.
- Solving systems of equations is about systems of two linear equations and two unknowns, the p-q formula and inequalities
- Differentiation is about the chain rule, the product rule and the quotient rule.

Fee info

EUR 600: Course + course materials + housing
EUR 400: Course + course materials

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