Denmark, Aarhus

Managing the Complex Organization

when 4 July 2011 - 22 July 2011
duration 3 weeks
credits 5 ECTS

This course helps prepare students to skillfully manage the multifaceted business organization of today, and of the future. Students will learn to conceptualize the organization as multidimensional networks of employees, who perform tasks by utilizing resources, such as knowledge. Teachings will include concepts underpinning Organizational Network Analysis, which is a contemporary approach to thinking about and scrutinizing the socio‐technical aspect of a business organization. The course is designed for those who want to look beyond the formal organization chart to better understand, navigate and manage the complexities of the modern organization. Course offered by Department of Business studies, Aarhus School of Business, AU.

Course leader

Terrill Frantz, HSBC Business School, Peking University

Target group

Students will be presented with both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of this approach, though only a basic mathematical background is necessary.

Course aim

After completing this course students will have a functional understanding of the nature of complex organizations. They will be trained to conceptualize the organization as a meta-network and be equipped with the skills to analyze the network, assess the situation and develop operational and management strategies to maniple that organization toward the desired outcomes.

This course is lecture and activity based. The students will be introduced to the ideas through lecture and readings, and will put the ideas into practice via class-based activities that utilize analysis software. Activities may be performed in small work- and discussion-groups.

Fee info

EUR 0: Visit website for information regarding fees