Birmingham, United Kingdom

The Biomedical Science Global Challenge

when 19 July 2021 - 6 August 2021
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 10 EC
fee GBP 2750

Biomedical Science is at the forefront of finding solutions to our global healthcare challenges. This programme provides a unique opportunity to work alongside world-leading experts as part of a multi-disciplinary undergraduate student team, to develop potential solutions to some of the most indelible medical problems plaguing the globe in the 21st century. Can you be part of the healthcare revolution?

Course aim

On completion of the Programme in addition to obtaining credits students will have been given a unique opportunity to:
- Research relevant scientific material, applicable to specific biomedical field
- Analyse and interpret clinical/biomedical data to gain thorough knowledge and understanding of a public healthcare problem
- Organise and synthesise material from different sources in order to work towards a potential solution
- Engage with other interested parties on social media platforms, inviting comment and developing discussion
- Think creatively in group discussions about a complex healthcare issue
- Test out ideas with professionals with expertise in the field to further refine the result
- Consider significant political, economic, environmental and social conditions in planning ways to overcome adverse global health phenomena
- Communicate effectively as part of a team with the aim of developing a co-ordinated solution
- Translate complex ideas into a comprehensible format for a lay audience
- Co-design and deliver and impactful presentation, aimed at influencing the hearts and minds of listeners

Credits info

10 EC
This is a three week programme and is equivalent to an accredited undergraduate course (20 UK credits, 5 US Credits, or 10 ECTS). All students will receive a certificate of attendance.

Fee info

GBP 2750: The fee includes all tuition fees, including assessment (where applicable), self-catering accommodation, and a programme of social events.

Partner Discount: Students registered at one of our partner institutions will receive a discount of £150.
Students who apply before the early application deadline 7th March 2021 will be eligible for an additional discount of £150.
Students registered for full-time programmes at one of our Universitas 21 partner universities are eligible for a discount of £250 (please note that this may not be used in conjunction with the Partner Discount).