Serbia & Montenegro, Belgrade

Sexualities, Cultures and Politics

when 15 August 2016 - 20 August 2016
language English
duration 1 week
credits 4 ECTS
fee EUR 200

The Summer School for Sexualities, Cultures, and Politics is permanent project, originally initiated by the Department for Gender Studies at the Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities “Euro-Balkan”, Skopje, Macedonia and the Faculty of Media and Communications - Singidunum, Belgrade, Serbia. In 2014, the School has moved to and was taken up organizationally by IPAK Center.

The general aim of the School is to gather young post-graduate students, scholars and teaching staff from both Eastern and Western Europe and promote a shared platform for research and trans-disciplinary theoretical reflection on the complex modes of interweaving sexuality, culture and politics, and consequently of exchanging and questioning geopolitically determined discourses in the research of sexualities, gender studies, and queer theory. Our idea is to provide students, scholars and teachers with the opportunity to question, decenter and democratize these areas by way of deferring the notion of theoretical and geopolitical privilege which is often implied by these research areas, and thus to introduce new models of rethinking context-specific phenomena related to sexualities and, vice versa, to enrich theoretical paradigms with context specific phenomena and research.

Our endeavor is not to relativize the embeddedness and situatedness of knowledges about sexualities, but to recognize and disrupt the existing invisible borders that obstruct the free dissemination of ideas as they are being determined by various hegemonic forces – political, educational, economic - in both Eastern and Western contexts of doing academic and artistic work related with our desires, bodies, and sexualities.


- 6 days.
- Intensive lectures in the morning with subsequent discussions.
- Discussions and seminars with the lecturers; all particfipants who deliver a paper will have the opportunity to receive direct input from the lecturers and discuss their work with fellow participants.
- Rich Open Programme with public lectures, performances and exhibitions.

Course leader

- Lauren Berlant (University of Chicago, Chicago, USA): On the Inconvenience of Other People (15-16 August)
- Luciana Parisi (Goldsmiths University, London, UK): Abstraction - Sex - Automation (16-17 August)
- Laima Kreivytė (Vilnius Academy of Arts

Target group

Applicants should be post/graduate students (MA or PhD students) and/or younger researchers interested in exploring the issues of gender, queer, cultural studies, visual arts and humanities and related areas. However, outstanding BA students are also considered and have the chance to enroll. .
We especially welcome applications from: independent scholars, cultural workers, artists, and activists interested in queer and gender studies.
Applicants from all countries are eligible to apply.

Credits info

Students who deliver presentations will receive 4 ECTS, applicable on MA or PhD level at participants’ home universities.
Students who choose not to deliver a presentation will receive 2 ECTS, applicable on MA or PhD level at participants’ home universities.
ECTS are given according to FULL attendance of the school.

Fee info

EUR 200: Applicants from Central and East-European countries*:

*For the purpose of this call, the following countries fall under the term: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland.

1st Deadline March 15: 200 Euro (payment due March 31)
2nd Deadline May 1: 230 Euro (payment due May 15)
3rd Deadline July 1: 250 Euro (payment due July 15)

Singidunum University students: 150 Euro (no discount applicable).

Former SSSCP students: 15% tuition fee discount out of the relevant fees (250/350 Euro, deadline notwithstanding).
EUR 300: Applicants from Europe and worldwide

1st Deadline March 15: 300 Euro (payment due March 31)
2nd Deadline May 1: 330 Euro (payment due May 15)
3rd Deadline July 1: 350 Euro (payment due July 15)