Netherlands, Amsterdam

Pre-university Honours Programme: Urban Studies

when 23 June 2019 - 4 July 2019
language English
duration 2 weeks
fee EUR 1200

Cities change constantly. If you grew up in a city yourself, it is likely that over the years your neighborhood has gone through some significant transformations. These developments entail the stories from many citizens who came, lived in, and left the city over time. By examining these social and spatial changes we can analyze small bits of the city at a time. What can we learn from the past? What major problems do cities deal with these days? Most importantly, what will the city bring us in the future? With neighborhoods gentrifying at a rapid speed, increasing rents, and a growing lack of affordable housing, how much longer will the city be a place for everyone?
This two-week summer programme provides you with an introduction into urban studies. To do so, we will use Amsterdam as a case, to see how social, political, economic, and physical forces reshaped the city over time. By combining our full academic programme, including lectures, excursions and assignments with your personal experiences in your own neighborhood, you will be equipped with the essential tools to start your own research on urban changes.

Course leader

Daniel Bossuyt

Target group

Applicants should be entering their third year or final year of high school (16+ at the start of the programme). A general interest in the social sciences and an open mind are necessary.

Course aim

This two-week programme consists of (guest) lectures, workshops, walking tours, film screenings, excursions, museum visits, and site visits in and around Amsterdam. The city is used as a case to demonstrate the complexities of a growing city.
This programme is designed for high school students to experience studying in a competitive, international environment at the Graduate School of Social Sciences of the University of Amsterdam. The lectures and all course materials are in English. Participants in the course will develop study skills and become acquainted with learning methods that will give them an advantage as they continue their education at University.

Credits info

Official Certificate of Participation.

Fee info

EUR 1200: The tuition fee includes:
lunch on class days;
public transportation card;
welcome and farewell events;
excursions and site visits;
certificate of attendance.
EUR 350: Housing fee (optional).

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