France, Paris

Bring Out Your Inner French: French Language and Culture Certificate

when 4 July 2016 - 29 July 2016
language English
duration 4 weeks
credits 9 EC
fee EUR 1850

This certificate consists of two courses and one weekly cultural visit/activity:

Boost Your French: Intensive French Language Course - Beginner Level (Intermediate level also available)
- To be able to handle daily situations and express essential needs in French
- To be able to introduce his/her family, friends
- To acquire good pronunciation in French
- To be able to describe people
- To be able to explain their daily routine
- To be able to ask simple questions
- To ask for and to be able to tell time, date and weather conditions
- To be able to count (to pay, exchange money)
- To be able to take public transportation (Metro, Train, Plane)
- To give directions
- To be able to do groceries, order at the restaurants
- To be able to reserve or buy tickets (Theatre, Museums, movies)
- To be able to explain what s/he is doing
- To be able to explain what s/he is going to be doing in the future

The Secrets of Being a French: French Culture Course
- Understanding the French - Stereotypes and clichés (1/2)
- Understanding the French - Historical and Geographical landmarks (2/2)
- The French Republican Values
- Introduction to the French Economy
- Introduction to the French Demography
- French Gastronomy and Regional Specialties
- La Francophonie
- French National Holidays

Visits of famous Parisian monuments and quartiers (one per week / 4 in total).
Activities will be organized with the aim of highlighting different aspects of French culture and traditions while enjoying the time in Paris.

Target group

For those who are attending a French school on exchange or starting a program in France the following semester, this program will prepare his/her semester/year in France and be able to communicate with other French students.

Course aim

Our general goal is to develop an intermediate-level proficiency in understanding French civilization, culture and society. Gaining skills to understand contemporary France is vital to your career opportunities, for you to be more adapted and effective in a French team or company. This course is an interactive course designed to help you learn the fundamentals of French culture.

This course will provide you with some basic and practical tools to take advantage of your stay in Paris and handle the various everyday situations you will get to experience with more hindsight and distance, from a cultural point of view.

Credits info

9 EC
Boost your French: Intensive French Language Course (Beginner OR Intermediate)
- undergraduate level
- 48 contact hours
- 6ECTS credits

The Secrets of being a French: French Culture Course
- undergraduate level
- 24 contact hours
- 3ECTS credits

Fee info

EUR 1850: Tuition fee includes:

- Orientation/Welcome Event
- Weekly cultural visits/activities
- Computer accounts at the school (WIFI access)
- Access to the school’s MediaCenter
- Official transcript of grades
- Program Certificate
- Certificate Ceremony