Italy, Pula (Cagliari)

Building Trust in the Information Age

when 5 September 2016 - 9 September 2016
language English
duration 1 week
credits 3.5 EC
fee EUR 200

> De-anonymization and Machine Learning's Role in Privacy and Security
> Who is bad? The hard task of developing security metrics on providers and what those metrics can teach us about the interplay of crime, markets and security
> Data Mining for Vulnerability Discovery
> Dynamic analysis of Malicious Android Apps
> Web application security: from static analysis to dynamic protections and recovery
> Empirical Validation of Risk and Security Requirements Methodologies
> The age of human hacking
> Threat Modeling with Pasta
> The OWASP testing guide v4
> On Learning and Recognition of Secure Patterns

Course leader

Giorgio Giacinto, Davide Ariu, Igino Corona

Target group

Ph.D. students, post-docs, young researchers, senior researchers or professionals (both academic and industrial)

Course aim

This school aims at providing a quite accurate overview of the current scenario, and draw future directions for research activities and good practices. It is organized into six main themes:

» Targeted Attacks Analysis, Threat modeling and Investigation
» Automated detection and characterization of Vulnerable code and Malware
» Malware Economics
» Web Security
» Adversarial and Offensive Machine Learning
» Social Engineering

Credits info

3.5 EC
The school will provide a certificate where the total number of hours are reported, so that credits can be awarded by each home institution according to their respective rules

Fee info

EUR 200: Members of the National Cybersecurity Lab (CINI, Italy)
EUR 240: All the participants except from the Members of the National Cybersecurity Lab (CINI, Italy)


Free participation to students and researchers studying / working in Sardinia