Zagreb, Croatia

Hospitality Financial Management

when 26 June 2017 - 14 July 2017
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 9 EC
fee EUR 999

This course introduces students to basic concepts of hospitality industry financial management, in an interesting and simple way. It covers managing and developing procedures and strategies for maximizing revenues within hospitality organizations. Course provides a practical approach to help the hospitality manager effectively analyze hospitality industry management reports and financial statements; prepare business forecasts, strategic development models and effective cost control systems; manage working capital; develop and finance growth strategies; perform investment analysis; prepare investment packages; and ultimately increase shareholder value and personal wealth. The first part of the course begins with the introduction to financial analysis through the principles financial reports analysis, principles of time value of money and performance. The second part of the course covers sustainable company growth and external financing, long and short term financial planning and managing working capital. It also deals with valuing bonds and stocks and investment decisions analysis through different investment criteria (net present value, internal rate of return, profitability index). The final goal of the course is to prepare the students to apply the acquired knowledge in practice, and to be able to successfully perform financial analysis, financial planning and valuing projects in the field of corporate financing of private or public institutions.

Course leader

Dina Vasic, MBA is a full-time senior lecturer at ZSEM, Department of Finance. She is currently delivering across a range of subjects at ZSEM including Corporate Finance 1 and 2, Financial Institutions and Markets and Personal Finance for undergraduates.

Target group

This course is recommended for undergraduate students

Course aim

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Credits info

9 EC
- 6 ECTS for Hospitality Financial Management
- 3 ECTS for Croatian Studies (obligatory course for all students)

Fee info

EUR 999: Early Bird fee before April 30, 2017
This fee is for ZSEM non-partner universities
EUR 700: This fee is for ZSEM partner universities
The fee for ZSEM non-partner universities is €1,400 after April 30.