Germany, Genshagen (Berlin)

European Migration and Refugee Policy: Perspectives for a Common Approach

when 20 July 2016 - 29 July 2016
language English
duration 2 weeks
fee EUR 150

On July 20-29 2016, the fifth Genshagen Trilateral Summer School will take place at Genshagen castle near Berlin. Students from Germany, France and Poland respectively will gather at castle Genshagen close to Berlin for ten days in order to discuss, from their various perspectives, a topic of European relevance. The Genshagen Summer School’s fifth edition will be devoted to the topic “European Migration and Refugee Policy: Perspectives for a Common Approach”.

Since 2015, Europe finds itself confronted with a massive influx of refugees from several conflict regions in the world. Especially the further escalation of the Syrian crisis has contributed to a steep rise in the number of people looking for shelter in Europe. These recent events have spurred an intense debate about which direction Europe should take in its migration and refugee policy. They have made all the more clear that, for political and historical reasons, European countries follow very different approaches in how they deal with people wishing to enter their respective territories. Accordingly, finding a ‘common European solution’ to the current refugee crisis and to the migration problem in general has proven to be an enormous challenge.

The recent debates in the countries of the Weimar Triangle have shown that views in France, Germany, and Poland on how to react to the influx of migrants and refugees differ greatly. The 2016 Trilateral Genshagen Summer School intends to take these differences as a starting point to discuss the issues at stake through French, German and Polish prisms.

The Summer School programme is both at a high scholarly level and diverse: In a series of morning lectures, university teachers and representatives from think tanks with a special expertise in the field of migration and refugee policy will provide students with in-depth-knowledge on various aspects of the topic. Among the themes we will discuss are 1.) the reasons why people migrate; 2.) the routes these people take to reach Europe and the issues they are confronted with on their way; 3.) the challenges they have to face when they try to enter Europe; and 4.) the different concepts of how they are being integrated in the receiving societies.

Genshagen Summer School is a policy-oriented summer school for master students and young PhD researchers from the three Weimar Triangle countries France, Germany, and Poland. The Summer School programme is both at a high scholarly level and diverse: besides lectures given by university teachers with a special expertise in the Summer School topic, a special focus lies on discussion and exchange among participants. The programme is completed by a culture as well as a study trip to Berlin and informal meetings with practitioners from business, government or NGOs.

We invite applications from students at Masters level as well as early-stage PhD students enrolled at a German, French or Polish university.
The deadline for applications is 22 May 2016 and successful candidates will be notified by 3 June 2016.
Please send us a cover letter detailing why you wish to participate in the 2016 Genshagen Summer School and your interest in the topic as well as your CV including your academic and extracurricular career. Everything should be in English, as that is the Summer School’s working language. We only accept electronic applications sent via e-mail to:

For more information on the organisers and the summer school, please visit our website or find us on Facebook.

Course leader

The summer school is a joint project of Stiftung Genshagen, the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder, the Institut d’études politiques (IEP) de Strasbourg and the Jagiellonian University in Cracow.

Target group

Master students and young PhD researchers

Fee info

EUR 150: The tuition fee covers all costs related to your stay in Genshagen: a shared double room at the castle and all meals are included. Unfortunately, we cannot cover your trip from your hometown to Genshagen and back.