Enschede, Netherlands

GIS & Earth Observation: The Essential Perspective for Projects

when 11 August 2019 - 20 August 2019
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 875

The course will cover the fundamental aspects of land spatial modelling and combine aspects of Geographic information systems and remote observation simultaneously, with the support of an integral and intuitive software-free package.

Topics on Geographic information systems (GIS)

- Gentle introduction to Geographic Information Systems: Modelling Earth reality
- Representing reality: GIS and Data types.
- Placing things on Earth: Coordinate systems and georeferencing
- Managing and storing information:
- Databases and DMS Simple tabular information
- Spatial and non-spatial data entry and manipulation
- Spatial analysis with forms and images (vectors and rasters)
- Data visualization and a glance to the interpolation functions

Course leader

Gabriel Parodi: Lecturer
Diana Chavarro-Rincon: Lecturer in water resources management.
Lucas de Oto: Lecturer/Researcher

Target group


Course aim

Participants assisting and participating of all activities, at the end of the course should be able to:

- Understand and experience most of the components of a GIS and Remote Sensing system models.

- Have an advance glossary on Earth Observation sciences allowing to understand more advance information or assist to middle to high ranked courses in specialized organization or courses.

- Collect, input process and model reality in a GIS and Earth Observation software environment.

- Visit, search and order high resolution free satellite imagery, followed by calibration and processing.
Organize and perform a data Ground true data collection campaign with portable hardware.

Credits info

2 EC

Fee info

EUR 875: Our fee is an all-in package consisting the following components:

- A stay at the inspirational campus of the University of Twente
- Course participation
- Course materials
- A tent to sleep in (included: air mattress, flashlight, pillow and sleeping bag)
- WiFi
- Food (breakfast, lunch and evening meal)
- Coffee/tea
- Free entry to the UT Sport Centre


No scholarships offered! please check your current/home university!