Netherlands, Utrecht

Law and Economics of Transport by the Sea

when 3 July 2017 - 7 July 2017
language English
duration 1 week
credits 1.5 EC
fee EUR 785

Do you want to know what the economic impact is of transport by the sea or the financial consequences of an oil spill from a damaged oil tanker? Which boost did the introduction of the sea container give to transport by the sea? Are you interested in what possibilities coastal states have to claim damages in case of an oil spill? What is the liability of the owner and the captain of the Costa Concordia after it was wrecked in 2012? What is the difference between the Hamburg Rules and the Hague Visby Rules? Do you know what the legal practice of a transport law attorney looks like? Do you know what it takes to manage the container and bulk transport in the largest port of Europe? What are the specifics of the financing of a new oil tanker? And what about the economical and legal aspects of electricity transport from Windfarms in the sea to the shore?
After this course you will know the answers to these questions and you will have gained a lot more knowledge of Law and Economics of transport by the sea.
On top of that we will visit the Port of Rotterdam, Smit Salvage and Towage, the company that, together with Mammut Salvage, conducted the salvage of the wreck of the carrier Baltic Ace and the office of Van Steenderen Mainport Lawyers.
Are you interested in the exciting business of transport by the sea? If you are studying or want study public law of the sea, this is your chance to learn about the other (commercial) law of the sea! Do you want to know about a position in the exciting world of sea transport f.i. as a commercial lawyer, manager or economist of one (or more) of the many companies which deal with transport by the sea or of a seaport like Shanghai, Genoa, Cádiz, Buenos Aires, New York, Hamburg, Piraeus, Cape Town, Sydney, Izmir, Cirebon or Rotterdam? Sign up for this course and experience this ‘hot’ topic together with other students from different countries!

Course leader

prof. dr. Wilco J. Oostwouder

Target group

Ambitious bachelor students (from economics, management, business, or law backgrounds) who are keen to know more about Law and Economics of Transport by the Sea. This course is also very suitable for students which study or want to study Public Law of the Sea.

Course aim

To give advanced bachelor students (from economics, management, business and law backgrounds) an insight into the Law and Economic backgrounds and developments of Transport by the Sea.

Credits info

1.5 EC
Certificate of Attendance

Fee info

EUR 785: Course + course materials + housing
EUR 585: Course + course materials


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