Netherlands, Utrecht

Designing Mixed Reality Spaces for Immersive Learning

when 21 August 2017 - 25 August 2017
language English
duration 1 week
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 900

In this course you, as (trainee) teacher or educator, learn to design your own immersive learning environments. In small interdisciplinary groups you will be introduced to the potential of interactive mixed reality spaces as a means for immersive learning and creative prototyping processes. The low-tech and hands-on approach of this course enables you to experiment with user-interaction scenario’s. Adjustments can be made quickly while the focus remains on your creative and didactic process.

A powerful way to learn and innovate is through experiential shared experimentation. When ideas can be quickly manifested in an interactive space where the real and virtual blend into one environment it becomes possible to physically collaborate and at the same time develop concepts through iterative design cycles. In these interactive spaces many forms of real-time media can be designed to respond to user-behavior through building dedicated interfaces for live control.

Mixed reality technologies like projection mapping, motion capture, sensors, VR and AR hard- and software are introduced in a modular spatial setup whereby the participants learn the basics of how to use these tools for their own teaching practices and didactic contexts. In five intensive days you will be gradually introduced to these tools by instruction and short-cycle practical assignments in small groups. Iterative design and quick-prototyping methodology are used to learn how one can turn an idea into a physical setup that can be shared, analyzed, discussed and adapted. Finally these tools and methodologies are discussed with the educational and didactic contexts of the participants in mind.

What is the subject matter that you teach and what medial forms could this ‘body of knowledge’ require? What do your pupils or students need to learn through physical practice and collaboration? How can you design your own immersive learning environment in this context? These questions will be addressed with an understanding that this course is meant as an inspirational introduction to the possibilities of interactive mixed reality spaces as a learning environment.
The course is purposefully open to teachers from all sorts of fields of expertise to enable the essential interdisciplinary dialogue and methodology. It will have a strong practice-led approach and focus on design processes and thus askes for the participants to be to be curious, open-minded and creative. We learn the most through making mistakes and daring to experiment with ideas by manifesting them in an unpolished form, engaging them through embodied experience and the willingness to share this with others without premature judgement

Course leader

Joris Weijdom

Target group

Students in bachelor and master teachers’ training programmes, with basic teaching experience and
professionals working in the educational field with a passion for innovation of education through interactive mixed reality technologies

Course aim

Develop an understanding and hands-on ability to design interactive mixed reality spaces for immersive learning and creative prototyping processes.

Credits info

2 EC
Certificate of Attendance

Fee info

EUR 900: Course + course materials + housing
EUR 700: Course + course materials


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