Netherlands, Enschede

Finance bootcamp for Smart Businesses

when 12 August 2018 - 21 August 2018
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 2 ECTS
fee EUR 750

The world has been experiencing a gulf of new ventures in all fields using creative technology. Think of Tesla, Google, Uber, Alibaba, 5G. Drones have started delivering e-commerce packages; driverless cars are now moving on the road; smartphone companies are doing banking business; fintech entrepreneurs and firms are thriving. Private companies using new technology (for example, are going public.

Course leader

Rez Kabir: Professor of Corporate Finance and Risk Management

Target group

For university students with economics and business background who are interested in gaining knowledge on financial management techniques.

Fee info

EUR 750: Our fee is an all-in package consisting the following components:

- A stay at the inspirational campus of the University of Twente
- Course participation
- Course materials
- A tent to sleep in (included: air mattress, flashlight, pillow and sleeping bag)
- WiFi
- Food (breakfast, lunch and evening meal)
- Coffee/tea
- Free entry to the UT Sport Centre
EUR 750: Starting from 10 March 2018 the price is € 750 EUR. After 10 June 2018 the fee is € 875.


No scholarships offered! Please check your current/home university!