Finland, Helsinki

21st digital century storytelling

when 6 August 2019 - 22 August 2019
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 5 EC
fee EUR 990

The course takes an expanded view of digital storytelling as a space of intertextuality where multiple voices connect with technologies to pass a message through deliberation and documentation. For intertextuality, it is necessary to read and write the Web critically and responsibly. To this end, the course will use multimodal texts to problematise the participants’ metaphors and open up pathways for new narratives through a critical understanding and interpretation of technology and new media discourses.

For this purpose, we will discuss and analyse metaphors in language, thought and communication, and how these frame (and often distort) reality nowadays.

Also, we will discuss the design of Web-based platforms as a way to frame communication.

Finally, we will apply multimodal methods to analyse metaphors, discourses and narratives on the basis of discourse analysis, metaphor and thematic analysis, social semiotics and the semantics of action.

Course leader

Marianna Vivitsou

Target group

The course welcomes Master’s and Doctoral students from education, the social sciences, and media and cultural studies as well as students and professionals who are interested to integrate a discursive narrative approach into their research, study and work. Also, those who wish to get hold of a deeper theoretical and practical understanding of multimodality, images and representations on the new media.

Course aim

The participants will be able to:

Develop a critical insight into contemporary Web-based and social media narratives
Identify and discuss metaphors emerging from discourses online
Integrate a theoretically-based, contextualised use of digital storytelling in teaching and research
Use the narrative approach to synthesise a digital story
Apply the metaphorical thinking in their own work

Fee info

EUR 990: Degree and PhD students
EUR 1490: Professionals

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