Finland, Helsinki

Diversities of Religions and Worldviews in Public Education

when 7 August 2018 - 23 August 2018
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 5 ECTS
fee EUR 990

This course examines the diversity and pluralism of religions and worldviews in education. To do this, the course includes lectures, workshops, group work, fieldwork and excursions in Helsinki. The summer school is an opportunity to engage in dialogue on worldviews and to increase one’s awareness of religious, spiritual and worldview-related questions in public education, especially at school level.

Questions and debates of the role of worldviews and religions in education are increasingly important in all Western countries. This course will provide a Finnish perspective from a secularised post-Lutheran welfare society in Northern Europe.

Course leader

Jussi Ikkala

Target group

Students who come from different religious and worldview backgrounds and who are interested in questions related to the role of religions and worldviews in the public sphere and education.

The course examines the issues from a multidisciplinary perspective, drawing on religious studies, theology, education, social sciences, education for diversity and social justice, as well as anthropology and multicultural education. Students of these fields – advanced Bachelor’s level or at a Master’s level – are warmly invited to take this course. Teacher education students are also especially welcome.

Course aim

The course will increase students’ awareness of questions related to religions and worldviews in education. The course will also improve the students’ ability to encounter heterogeneous groups in issues related to religions and worldviews. The course will give students an opportunity to practise worldview dialogue in everyday life, to study in multireligious contexts and to respect people from different backgrounds.

Fee info

EUR 990: Degree and PhD students
EUR 1490: Professionals

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