Angers, France

The Links Between Fundamental Sciences and Clinical Research

when 27 June 2022 - 1 July 2022
language English
duration 1 week
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 875

This research program will show students the links between fundamental sciences and clinical research.

Topics to be covered include different research and medical fields:

From gene to clinical application
Beyond genes: epigenetics and environment
From chemistry to clinical trials
Informatics and medicine

Visit of international research institute:

Généthon, Paris


Medical Informatics
Experimental surgery, including hands-on activities at the simulation center


Fetal programming
Medical Informatics / bioinformatics / metabolomics
Fertility preservation
Microcirculation and vascular diseases
Immune deficiency
Neurodegenerative diseases
Vaccination: blessing or curse
Experimental surgery

Course leader

Pr. Audrey Rousseau
Dr. Pascale May-Panloup
Dr. Charline Miot

Target group

The course will be entirely taught in English. This intensive training is open to all French and International students who have already completed 2 years of medicine/biological sciences/pharmacy and who may be interested in pursuing a M.D., M.D. /Ph.D. or Ph.D. programs and envision a career in scientific and/or medical research.

Course aim

The purpose is to give students the opportunity to be exposed to medical research in an academic environment and to facilitate their access to advanced degrees such as MD or Pharmacy/PhD programs. During the course they will:

Be exposed to research methods and state of the art medical technologies and devices in different medical fields.
Meet international researchers and interact with international students in an intercultural and interdisciplinary context.
In this program a total of 30 hours with:

Lectures from international researchers (45 minutes) followed by questions and answers sessions,

Workshops organized with small groups of students,

Oral presentations by students on selected topics,

Visit of research institution.

Fee info

EUR 875: Students fees : €875


Fees include tuition, welcoming and teaching materials, accommodation, coffee breaks and weekday lunches, bike rental and bus pass, social program.