Bordeaux, France

Value Creation and Innovation in Marketing

when 4 July 2022 - 15 July 2022
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 8 EC
fee EUR 1800

Course 1: French Value Creation & Brand Management in Wine & Spirits
Course Format: 6 hrs per day over 1 week; from July 4 - 8
The aim of the course is to develop students' understanding of key success factors in french value creation.The course is specifically applied to the implentation of luxury ans sensorial territorial branding strategies for international markets.

Course 2: Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs
Course Format: 6 hrs per day over 1 week; from July 11 - 15
This module looks at some of the great examples of innovation in "French Touch" and "French Tech”. How is Innovation defined, how is it brought to market in different environments, and how can Innovation Management be embedded in companies? Is there a space for utilising digital technologies in 'traditional' industrial sectors? We'll take a closer look during this course.

Course leader

For any information, please contact Carla Godoy, international Project Coordinator at Kedge Business School, , Tel. +33 (0)5 56 84 63 39

Target group

Eligible participants: Highly motivated and open-minded Bachelor or Master level students in good academic standing with a sufficient level of English.

Course aim

Course 1: French Value Creation & Brand Management in Wine & Spirits
France is the world’s #1 tourist destination, due in large part to its history and “Art de Vivre”. Moreover, France itself has become a strong "brand" well known for its luxury businesses, including those in the wine and spirits sector.

The course will analyze French national branding elements to better understand the relevance of the French wine & spirits industry - with a specific look at Bordeaux, Champagne and Cognac – with an examination of how each specific region has been able to create value. We will study the history, families, business organisations and economic contexts which have allowed this sector to be so successful. Attention will be given to the “brand territory” concept, to “brand identity management”, “luxification & premiumization”, the role played by the corresponding “interprofessions”, and to the communication and marketing strategies of main actors. A specific module on experience design will complete this course.

Course 2: Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs
What is the “French Touch”? France is reinventing itself as a country marrying tradition with innovation. In the 'traditional' corner are the sectors that are world famous; Luxury, Wine & Spirits and Fashion. Together with tourism, these domains represent a significant part of the French economy. But this traditional sector is also under pressure to continue innovating so as to keep pace with the competition and maintain corporate longevity.

Alongside these traditional mainstays, we see the new 'French Tech' economy looking to create another sector of growth. Both French "Touch & Tech" are driving innovation.

Participants will be invited to discover French firms and their business models. Using this knowledge, there will be an opportunity to demonstrate understanding and optimise communication skills in a public-speaking context.

Later sessions will concentrate on Innovation Management. A one-off innovation is of little use to a firm unless it can be repeated. So, how does one create a culture of innovation in a firm? A combination of individual and team work, including practical applications of innovation in the field of NPD (New Product Development), are integral parts of this module.

Credits info

8 EC
Flexible format : Students can follow one or both courses, earning up to 8 transferrable ECTS (4 ECTS per 1 week course), documented by both official transcripts and a Certificate of Completion.

Fee info

EUR 1800: € 1000 for 1 week course (4 ECTS) or € 1800€ for the 2-week courses / 8 ECTS credit programme*
*A 10% reduction will be applied for those students following both courses.

Tuition fees include course lectures, course materials, welcome lunch and dinner and visits. They do not include accommodation, not mentionned meals or transport