Netherlands, Utrecht

Effective Teaching Techniques for Health Care Professionals

when 2 July 2012 - 13 July 2012
duration 2 weeks
credits 5 EC
fee EUR 775

Health education for the future means that we have to prepare students for problem solving in an increasingly complex health care context. Students need sustainable tools: being able to reproduce knowledge is not such a tool, since knowledge changes rapidly. In case of a practical problem health care professionals need to know where to find actual knowledge and which context factors are of influence. The acquired competencies should be future proof. To develop such competencies, fitting teaching techniques are necessary.

Education in health care has theoretical and practical components. The more advanced the courses are, the more experience students have with everyday care, but even students in the initial Bachelor program gain experience in their internships. To use this experience in teaching offers an opportunity to connect knowledge from practice and knowledge from theory in such a way, that students can use what they have learned in University in practice – it helps in closing the practice-theory-gap. Self discovery is an important part of teaching techniques, used to reach this aim. Discussing the experiences of students also informs the teacher and helps him/ her to adapt the teaching program to this new input.

This way of working is called action learning. It has its specific methods, interactive teaching being the most significant. This way of teaching is very common in the health care programs of the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and we‘ll love to share knowledge and experiences with you and train you in using the method in your own curricula and lessons.
The program consists of lectures, workshops, observations of colleagues who are teaching in other summer school courses. Themes are: continuing professional development, internationalization in education, international cooperation in education, love of learning, health care education, organizational knowledge, competencies, reflection, knowledge management.

Course leader

Anneke de Jong, RN, MScN, PhD (cand)

Target group

(Becoming) Teachers in health care programs (for example teachers accompanying groups of students in the summer school)

Course aim

To develop competencies as a teacher to enhance self-discovery learning processes in students, by using action learning methods and interactive teaching in the development of curricula and in lessons.

Credits info

5 EC
Certificate of Attendance

Fee info

EUR 775: Course + course materials + housing


Utrecht Summer School does not offer scholarships for this course. But teachers that join the summer school with at least 5 students have a free entree.

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