Lithuania, Kaunas

Masterclass for Musicians (Classical Singing, Jazz Singing, Accordion, Piano, Strings)

when 15 July 2019 - 26 July 2019
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 1 EC
fee EUR 250

Students who enrolled into other Baltic Summer University courses can have a special module of musical masterclasses.

A wide variety of practical lessons for young and advanced musicians will involve various disciplines including classical singing, jazz singing, accordion, piano, and strings.
Lessons will be tailored to each individual or a group of individuals to cover auditions, development of instrumental or vocal techniques to reach certain musical expression.
The collaborative and constructive learning environment will be created to learn from music educators who will provide extensive and inspirational coaching with the feedback.
All the aspects of the participants’ performance will be improved in a friendly, creative and supportive environment.
The participants will learn to assess music performance as masterclass will provide an opportunity to understand and develop relevant criteria which the student in the audience can apply when assessing their own performances as well as when working with fellow musicians.
The masterclass will give the students an understanding of what the standards of the music profession are. The masterclass leaders will demonstrate these standards through the demands and expectations they communicate when assessing, coaching and providing feedback for the students.
The final concert of all participants is offered as the last activity of the masterclass, thus the participants who successfully achieved learning outcomes might be offered the possibility to compose the orchestra or perform as singers. The eventual programme for joint performance is indicated.

Course leader

Eilina DailidienÄ— (

Target group

Students who enrolled into other Baltic Summer University courses can have a special module of musical masterclasses

Course aim

To provide enhanced skills in interactive instrumental or vocal performance.

Fee info

EUR 250: 1 ECTS credit, the course, social and cultural programme, guided tours, excursion to Vilnius and VMU certificates.