Spain, Barcelona

Summer School for highschool students

when 2 July 2018 - 20 July 2018
language English
duration 3 weeks
fee EUR 2200

Intercultural Communication: The course aims to reflect and to learn about:
• To be aware of our own identity (culture & values).
• To be aware of the way we communicate (family, friends, colleagues, etc.).
• To reflect on our own prejudices and their consequences.

Introduction to Law: The subject complements the approach to the world of law from the point of view of the structure and operation of the legal rules.
• What is the law?
• Where we can find it?
• How Legal Rules Work?

Lead: The course aims to reflect about personal hard and soft skills and about Leadership.
• The difference between hard and soft skills.
• The definition of Leadership and Management.
• Test of leadership skills

Legal English: The course aims to reflect and to learn about:
• Distinguishing between criminal law vocabulary and civil law vocabulary
• Legal false Friends
• Legal writing

Introduction to Marketing: the course aims to provide students with a first approach to basic marketing concepts and to analyze and discuss real cases and best practices:
• What is Marketing?
• How does marketing contribute to the success of the organization?
• Marketing Dimensions and responsibilities of Marketing Managers
• Marketing Strategy vs tactics

Model of United Nations: Model of United Nations will provide you with several personal and profesional skills. While playing a role game based on International Politics, you will improve your oral and written skills. You will also see the more entertaining side of diplomacy.
We will have an introductory session so you get familiar with key vocabulary and rules. Second part you will be assigned a country and you will prepare in teams your position towards a topic. Lastly, we will put it into practice and have a real MUN debate.

The European Union: Brexit

The objective of this subject is to help students understand the basic characteristics of the European integration process and the possible impact of Brexit.

Sessions will cover the European integration process and the historical and political reasons behind its evolution, as well as relations with the United Kingdom and its decision to leave the EU.

Target group

Young people aged 16-18

Course aim

3 week programme for highschool students who want to get a preview of their immediate future. They will experience university life first-hand and get a practical introduction to the world of law, policitcs, international relations, economics and marketing.

Fee info

EUR 2200: EUR 2,200 The fee includes tuition and lunches at ESADE.

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