Florence, Italy

International Architecture Laboratory

when 30 April 2018 - 1 October 2018
language English
duration 22 weeks

Architectural and Urban Design Lab
Observation an Perception drawing
History of Art and Architecture
Technology and Building materials
Design Field Trip

Course aim

Our motivation in designing these courses is that we want to instill in the students a new form of knowledge through a sensorial experience called "space design experience".
How we do this? We start with the phases of reception through knowledge of the history of a place ( every week a new site) where we discover and understand the facts that changed the course of history and gave us a new conception of space.

Secondly the students try to absorb the whole parabola of the laws of composition as elaborated during the renaissance by pratical experience of technical drawing and sketching. Thus they are able to gain awareness of the invisible structures implicit in shape, materials, light and function.

To conclude the process of learning, after receiving and absorbing the universal rules of composition they can attempt to interpret a new shape inside the space they have studied.
The way to insert a new form springs from these classic rules and it will blossom into a youthful vision of the world

Fee info

EUR 0: Elementary (3+3* hours per week )
one month: 840 €
two months: 1350 €
three months: 1850 €

Basic (6+6* hours per week )
one month: 1250 €
two months: 2100 €
three months: 2800 €

omplete (12+12* hours per week )
one month: 1700 €
two months: 2800 €
three months: 3700 €

Intensive (18+18* hours per week )
one month: 2250 €
two months: 3850 €
three months: 4750 €
EUR 0: Design Field Trip

half day : 85 €
1 day field trip: 150€
2 days field trip: 260 €
3 days field trip: 370 €
4 days field trip: 480 €
5 days field trip: 590 €
6 days field trip: 700 €
7 days field trip: 790 €