Austria, Vienna

Government Communications and the Language of Public Administration

when 11 December 2017 - 22 December 2017
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 6 ECTS
fee EUR 600

This programme provides a fascinating introduction to the theory and practice of government communications, and will help you develop practical skills for the production and delivery of written and spoken government texts. As an applied English language course, you will explore how English is used in the context of government and public administration, and will learn how to communicate effectively in these settings.#

The programme is not just classroom based, but includes a variety of study excursions, including a walking tour of Austrian Federal Ministries in Vienna, a tour of the United Nations Vienna Headquarters, a meeting with officials at the Austrian Parliament, and visits to international organisations such as OPEC and the European Fundamental Rights Agency.

From government genre analysis and vocabulary development to the preparation of ministerial speeches, official correspondence, written briefings and press releases, you can expect to cover a wide range of skills and topics during this programme. This will help you in your professional career in government, the NGO sector or in international public administration.

Communication Skills
Learn how to write effective government briefings, correspondence and press-releases
Prepare government speeches and policy presentations
The language of meetings, discussion, debate and negotiation
Dealing with the media: preparing for difficult interviews

Study Skills
Learn how to research, analyse and exploit original government publications
Become aware of different genres across government communication
Learn how to search for useful language in complex government documentation

Bridging Theory and Practice
The theory of government communication as a policy tool - and how it relates to practice
English for Political and Diplomatic Purposes: a theoretical introduction
The socio-linguistics of power: communicating to the people?

Study Excursions
Ministry waking tour of Vienna
United Nations Vienna Headquarters
Austrian Parliament
OPEC Headquarters, Fundamental Rights Agency and other international organisations (subject to booking availability)

Course leader

M.Sc. Paul Talbot - Paul Talbot is an experienced English and communication skills trainer, with a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Management. He has professional experience within the UK Government Department for Education working both in frontline

Target group

Students in the area of Government and Public Administration, Public policy professionals

Course aim

You will learn to use a broad range of English vocabulary and expressions around the topic of government and public administration, and you will develop and practise applied skills to help you communicate in government settings. The skills you learn will be relevant for other fields of work too, from business to academia – previous course participants have included European officials, architects and petroleum engineers! You will greatly enhance your general English skills, and have practice communicating authentically with experts and other professionals from across government and public administration.

Fee info

EUR 600: For Students
EUR 1200: For Professionals