Reggio Emilia, Italy

FUTURE FOOD LEXICONlab - Storytelling For Advocacy

when 25 September 2017 - 15 October 2017
language English
duration 3 weeks
fee EUR 1300

Revolutionize the Food Industry on a Global Scale!

The Future Food LEXICONlab will gather storytellers and food activists from all around the globe for an intensive online/onsite masterclass that will craft the vision of a socially inclusive and regenerative food system. The program will give you the tools to advocate for a better food system, starting with where you live. You will learn to map your food system, identify local food producers and their sustainable practices, then turn your findings into information artworks to share with your community and beyond. Participants will present their works as an exhibition that premieres at the upcoming AGRICULTURE G7 meeting in Bergamo, Italy.

Future Food LEXICONlab is a multilayered educational and creative experience that provides storytelling tools to food activists. It mixes one to one online training with an onsite master class. These activities bring together food, art and storytelling to stimulate new solutions for sustainability and resilience in local food systems. Participants will also take part in these important events as a part of the course:
- Agri-Pride Festival in Reggio Emilia (28-29 September 2017)
- G7AGRI in Bergamo (11-12-13 October 2017)

28 August - 9 September 2017
During the online training you will:
- LEARN A NEW VOCABULARY: students first explore the key elements that define a local food system;
- DISCOVER A LOCAL FOOD SYSTEM: students then define the sustainable players in their own food systems;
- EXPLORE SUSTAINABLE PRINCIPLES: students will learn to examine and audit a food producer’s practices.

25 September - 11 October 2017
Future Food LEXICONlab will continue in the Italian Food Valley, Emilia Romagna Region. The first days will provide the students with essential tools for foresighting and scouting, which will be implemented during the Agri-Pride Festival. This will represent a great occasion to get in touch with the reality of agriculture and food production and to examine the needs for agricultural innovation at the heart of the Italian Food Valley. Participants will then translate the knowledge gained during the online course and the inspirations got during the Italian experience into truly authoritative, Lexicon of Sustainability approved information artworks.

12-15 October 2017
The third and last part of the Lab will comprise a co-creation activity over two days where students will move to Bergamo and use what they learned in creating solutions relevant to the four thematic task tables of the G7AGRI event: Food Tomorrow, Digital Food, Food Care and Food Governance. An exhibition of participant created information artworks will be set up during the AGRIG7. This exhibition will then travel to Bologna, where the city will host the Bologna Award for Food & Sustainability. Students will make public presentations of their work and share their ideas with policy makers and a global audience.

Course leader

FUTURE FOOD INSTITUTE - Future Food is an entire ecosystem that makes food innovation a key tool to tackle the great challenges of the future, connecting with the world while promoting the local territory. This comprehensive ecosystem centers around educa

Target group

Are you a strong believer in sustainability and local food sourcing? If you are passionate enough and have the skills to create a massive impact through storytelling and visual communication, we welcome you on-board! Join hands to spread awareness about your local food systems and become the new generation of Food for Good Advocates. You must be engaged in one of the following sectors:

- Agricoltura (farmers, agronomists, producers, agricultural services providers.)
- Alimentum (foodies, gastronomists, nutritionists, chefs, food retailers.)
- Ambiens (activists, environmental organizations, environmental chemists or engineers.)
- Digi-tech (junior digital experts, innovators, coders, video makers.)
- Communication (bloggers, graphic designers, writers, editors, photographers.)

Course aim

How much do we really know about the plethora of initiatives and projects that aim at producing food sustainably? And how many texts or blogposts failed have an effect on us while covering this topic? This course aims at equipping young experts with effective and creative communication tools.

It will teach you how to map your food system, and help you identify your local food producers and their sustainable practices. You can then share your information with the community. Participants will also be showcasing their work in the upcoming AGRICULTURE G7 meeting in Bergamo, Italy.

The participants will gain the following benefits from the program:
- Recognizing and capturing new trends in the agriculture-food sector;
- Learning about sustainability and food, and communicating activist ideas effectively;
- Perform interviews with food producers, farmers, and key stakeholders;
- Use of graphic tools to illustrate information in better ways;
- Boost their storytelling skills;
- Share their valuable insights with policy makers at Agriculture G7 meeting in Bergamo;
- Hands-on experiences and company visits;
- Create a useful and professional network of committed people.

Lastly, the students that have completed the course will be awarded the Certificate from Lexicon and Future Food Institute: STORYTELLING SKILLS FOR FOOD FOR GOOD ADVOCATES. Not only that, we also offer scholarships and sponsorships based on merit.

Fee info

EUR 1300: The fee covers:
- online training;
- course participation;
- course materials;
- transportation: Reggio Emilia-Bergamo and Bergamo-Bologna;
- excursions and company visits;
- accommodation in Bergamo and Bologna;
- On-site support and 24/7 emergency assistance.


The Future Food Institute will offer one full scholarship covering 100% of the tuition fees and partial scholarships covering 50% of the tuition fee on case by case basis. During the selection process, the FUTURE FOOD LEXICONlab committee will assign the