Aachen, Germany

Supply Chain Management & Logistics

online course
when 21 June 2021 - 2 July 2021
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 1194

The Online Course explores innovative supply chain management concepts in a twofold approach. On the one hand, the fundamentals of supply chain management are covered and then applied in a business simulation game, enabling students to master these fundamentals. On the other hand, the digitalization of supply chains and its potentials are covered in theoretical and game-based lectures as well as a case study, providing students with insights into digital supply chains.

✓ highly mixed/international group
✓ online lectures & tutorials
✓ group work & self study
✓ intercultural exchange
✓ virtual social events
✓ full online experience
✓ RWTH certificate

Course leader

The Institute for Industrial Management (FIR) and a visiting scholar and supply chain management expert conduct the academic content.

Target group

✓ B.Sc./B.E. student enrolled at a renowned university
✓ Studying mechanical engineering or a related field
✓ Minimum age to participate is 18
✓ Minimum English language proficiency equivalent to:

TOEFL ibt : 72 points
IELTS: 5.5 band score
TOEIC: 785 points
Cambridge: FCE, Grade C

Course aim

The Supply Chain Management & Logistics Summer School is divided into two weeks of teaching:

Week 1
Supply Chain Management deals with the alignment of customer demand on the one hand and with the ways to supply the requested products and services in an effective and efficient way on the other hand. The objective of this course is to familiarize students with some of the relevant choices that have to be made in order to achieve this alignment and the trade-offs present in each of those decisions. The course will be highly interactive and will contain a lot of intensive and fun teamwork.
On Days 1 and 2, we will be “exploring the fundamentals”, giving a short overview of the main principles and building blocks of the Supply Chain and working on those in detail. We will pay attention to differences between industry sectors and countries, thus making use of the diverse cultural and professional backgrounds of the students.
On Days 3 and 4, we will work on “mastering the fundamentals” with an integral activity centered around "The Fresh Connection", a business simulation game about a loss-making virtual company that needs to be rescued from disaster. Students will play in teams and take care of aligning demand and supply, in other words, decision making in the areas of sales, operations, supply chain and purchasing. Decisions will be implemented in the business simulation tool, so that the results can be seen after calculation. Since all teams play with exactly the same market circumstances, results between teams can be objectively compared, which gives a nice competitive touch to the activity.
On day 4 we will also spend some time on “imagining beyond the fundamentals”, by taking a look at potential impacts that some of the most relevant trends and developments in business and society might have on the supply chains of the future.

Week 2
The digitalization of the supply chain increases the efficiency by integrating and coordinating the activities between companies. Students will learn about the potentials regarding the digitalization of the supply chain. The lecture will give a short overview of the components as well as current research directions. Applying these principles students explore in a game-based learning approach how to address the challenges of the Bullwhip-Effect. A case study will then be conducted in which the learned interrelationships of a cross-company supply chain are taken into account. The results of the case study are then presented to an expert jury.

Credits info

2 EC
2, 3 or 4 ECTS credits according to the workload (about 60 hours / 2 weeks, about 90 hours / 3 weeks and about 120 hours / 4 weeks)

Please note:
Ultimately it is up to your home institution as to how many credits may be awarded. For details, please speak to your home institution’s Study Abroad Advisor!

Fee info

EUR 1194: Early Bird Discount: complete your application until 1 March to get a 10% discount on the total fees - in case of admission!