France, Nantes

The EU and Cross-Cultural Management

when 3 January 2018 - 12 January 2018
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 6 ECTS
fee EUR 1000

This 2 week module will enable students to widen and deepen, their knowledge of the EU and cross-cultural stakes.

Tackled concepts:
Part 1: European Union, Geopolitics, European History
Self-Awareness, Perception of Self and ‘the Other’, Understanding the French Stereotypes, Culture and culture, Cultural Variables, Ethnocentrism to Ethno-relativism, Intercultural Communication, Expatriation, Cultural Profiles and business environments.
Part 2: Comparative advantage, gains from trade. Protectionism and barriers to trade. Foreign
exchange rates and international financial flows.

Detailed schedule: Jan 3 - Jan 6 The EU & Cross-Cultural Management / Part 1 in Paris
Jan 8 - Jan 12 The EU & Cross-Cultural Management continues in Nantes, including classes in international trade!
You can also take an additional week in Brussels from January 15th til January 17th (see separate course description)

Course leader

Contact Cécile Steyer, short programs manager: for details

Target group

Undergraduate students in business with a good command of English

Course aim

Through immersion in a French and European environment, group projects and case studies, students will increase their intercultural and communication skills on the one hand, and will understand both economies in the globalisation process and political organisations made at the EU level on the other hand.
They will gain a better understanding of:
- cultural variables and communication norms, rituals and taboos of other cultures.
- business challenges due to cultural differences.
- barriers to intercultural communication, adjustment to other culture and culture shock
At the end of their stay, the students will have a holistic view of the French and their culture and a better sense of what it means to be French today.

Credits info

6 ECTS credits in total for parts 1+2, 36 hours in total)

Fee info

EUR 1000: 1000 euros tuition fees for free movers
EUR 0: no tuition fees for students from partner universities


no scholarships available