London, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Applied Maths

when 1 July 2018 - 25 August 2018
language English
duration 8 weeks
fee GBP 3995

Intended for 15-18 year olds who want to make the most out of their summer, LITE Regal Summer School’s Mathematics program is one that helps prepare determined students for University. Anyone interested in Physics or Maths and also how maths and physics are used in astronomy should consider this course. The two weeks under this program will help students to grow holistically and help develop one’s potential and improve ones maths immeasurably. The course is available in the London Campus or the Cambridge Campus depending on the students choice.

This Course is academically stimulating and difficult and will help cement holes in students maths and also give a broad understanding of Maths that is taught in 1st year of University. The course will give teach students maths but with an insight in how Maths Is used in Astronomy and Physics.

Students will be brought up to speed in geometry , algebra, trigonometry and precalculus and calculus.

You will be taught geometry and trigonometry to determine the position of stars and the maths used in calculating the routes for satellites, space probes and rockets. Mathematics is an essential tool for physics and in this course students will look into the calculus used and needed in physics - classical mechanics, electromagnetism and fluid dynamics and much more depending on the students interests.

Course leader

Jose Velazquez Garcia

PhD Physics Cavendish Laboratory University of Cambridge;

Target group

15 to 18 year olds

Course aim

By the end of two weeks, this course aims to achieve the following outcomes:

solve equations involving radicals and exponents
solve problems involving trigonometric functions
write a paper critique and presentation
relate course topics with real-life situations and industrial applications
understand derivatives and how they are acquired, including their implication in a situation
The course aims to foster a positive attitude towards the subject matter, and to inspire students to pursue higher studies on the field.

Fee info

GBP 3995: nitial deposit to secure a place is £595. Remaining balance payable 60 days prior to start.
Course fee includes: over 40 hours of tuition, all course materials, guest lectures and industry visits, academic reports and certificates, half board accommodation at University campuses, wide range of afterschool, evening activities and full day cultural excursions in UK, graduation party, welcome pack + gift.


scholarships are available on this course