Russia, Moscow

Deep Origins of Comparative Economic Development

when 5 August 2019 - 17 August 2019
duration 2 weeks
credits 4 EC
fee USD 300

This course summarizes recent theoretical and empirical evidence about the influence of deep-rooted factors (geography, cultural determinants, political and economic institutions, historical factors) on cross-country per capita income variance in the modern world. The first part of the course provides an overview of the unified growth theories that are helpful for our understanding of the transition to modern economic growth in the world economy. The second part of the course discusses the role of deep-rooted factors and mechanisms that explain the Great Divergence, the growing differences in living standards between rich and poor countries. The final part of the course shows how political and economic institutions affect modern comparative development and explain the determinants of institutional formation in society. The course is based on a rich body of recent literature in economics, history and political science that challenges our understanding of the modern comparative development of nations.

Course leader

Dmitry A. Veselov
Assistant Professor: Faculty of Economic Sciences / Department of Theoretical Economics

Fee info

USD 300: Tuition fee
USD 50: Registration fee


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