Garrevaques, near Toulouse, Germany

IB Diploma Maths and Physics Booster Course

when 28 October 2018 - 2 November 2018
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 1

Based on the group needs, the material covered will include a selection from the following topics:

Physics Core Topics of measurements and uncertainties, mechanics, thermal physics, waves, electricity and magnetism, circular motion and gravitation, atomic, nuclear and particle physics and energy production. Additional Higher Level Topics of wave phenomenon, fields, electromagnetic induction, quantum and nuclear physics.

Mathematics Core Topics of algebra, functions and equations, circular functions and trigonometry, vectors, statistics and probability and calculus, and Higher Level Options.

A typical activity schedule for this 5 day programme will include the following components:
25 hrs: Tutor led Tuition
4 hrs: Exercises, Assessments and Past Papers
3 hrs: Exam Techniques: exam tips, efficient use of Formulae booklets, calculator Skills & Techniques, etc, as appropriate
4 hrs: set homework tasks
1 hr: Examination Feedback session
2 hrs: Individual Recommendations and Feedback Reports
6 hrs: evening recreational activities

Course leader

John Macfarlane and Ian Tame

Target group

This course is for students who commenced on their IB Diploma course in September 2017

Course aim

This Tutorial Booster Course is designed to give you a mid-course stimulus. It is often at this point in a course that many students start to feel a bit overwhelmed with their academic workload. This course will offer you an opportunity to experience a new, stimulating and supportive environment. You will be able to work intensively on a highly-focused set of activities which will offer you a fresh perspective to re-engage with your maths and physics.

Fee info

EUR 1: 1,200 EUR + VAT (19%)