Antwerp Summer and Winter University


From Mine to Finger. A Deep Dive into the World of Diamonds

Past courses

Innovation in Social Design

ROOHTS Summer School: Burgundian Black

International Relations in a post-hegemonic world

INSPIRE: Safety Pharmacology in Drug Development


re-ACT by design

Leadership in Nursing Excellence

Digital Humanities: Genetic Editing, from Manuscripts to Born-digital Writing Processes

Companies Crossing Borders

Europe: Diversity and Migration

Books and Culture: The Plantin Press and the Religious Book

Social City Design

Fashion Management: dive into the dynamics of the fashion industry!

Time, Money and God


Children's Literature

CityLAB VIII: Creating Healthy Cities: an Integrated Approach

Transatlantic Trade Politics

Urban Logistics

Critical Approaches to Typography

Storytelling in Virtual Reality

English for Academic Purposes

Innovation & (Intra) Entrepreneurship Bootcamp: a Hands-on Case-based Experience

The Sustainable City: An Integrated Perspective

Qualitative Research Methods in Health Care

GOVTRUST Summer School

Becoming an Olympian in Sports Analytics

Jesuit Heritage: Art & Architecture

Modelling Infectious Diseases and Health Economic

Constructive Methods for Quadratic Form Theory

Legal Technology and Legal Innovation