University of Copenhagen International Summer Programme

Past courses

Transitions in Urban Living: Focusing on global health challenges using Copenhagen as a case

Global Health Challenges

International Health

Cross-disciplinary Field Course in Sri Lanka on Global Health

Humanitarian Action in the 21st century

Environmental Health

New Wars – Old Beliefs: Conflict and Religion in 21st Century

One Health

Participartory and post-national Democracy - Democratic perspectives for the future

Screening and Epidemiology

Advanced Methods of the Analysis of Protein Disease Mechanisms

Nordic Health Systems

Evaluation Society Revisited

Urban Culture in Theory and Action

Alive and KICking – Innovative solutions to aging-related challenges

Obesity in a Cross-disciplinary Perspective

Economic Crisis: A Brief history of time

Democracy, democratization and Civil Societies in Comparative Perspective

Greenland at the crossroads: Climate Change, Asian interests in the Arctic and developments in Greenland

Science Communication in Theory and Practice

Internal Medicine

New Urban Life Across the Globe: Activism and Change in a World of Cities

Roots of Europe

Kierkegaard – The Individual in Global Society

Interdisciplinary Aspects of Healthy Aging