TU Berlin Summer and Winter University


Introduction to Python Programming (Term 1)

Introduction to Green Marketing

Java Cloud-Project

German Language

Introduction to Programming with Python for Data Science

ICT & Transportation in Smart Cities

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Cognitive Engineering

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Start-Up Crash Course

Data Science with Python

Introduction to Python Programming (Term 2)

Gaming for Virtual and Augmented Reality

Java Programming

CanSat: Hands-On Satellite Design

Nonlinear Dynamics: Theory and Applications in Engineering

Green Marketing

System Dynamics Modelling for Business Analysis

Introduction to Python Programming (Term 3)

Introduction to Biomechanics

Foundations of Design Thinking

Circularizing Cities - Urban Resource Centers as catalyst for sustainable consumption and production

Python for Engineers

Energy-aware production planning: Optimization with Julia JuMP

Desalination and Renewable Energies

Past courses

Data Science with Python

Introduction to Python Programming

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Space Mission Design

Programming in Java

Foundations of Design Thinking