Saint Petersburg HSE Summer School 2020


Python for Social Science (Introduction to Programming Language, online course)

Modern Russia: Language and Culture (Session 2, online course)

BRICS in Global Economy (online course)

Personal Finance and Welfare Management (online course)

Soviet History: Russia in the Age of Transformations (online course)

City As a Narrative: History, Culture and Identity of St. Petersburg (online course)

Russian Literature: the Logic of Desire in the Russian Short Story (online course)

Contemporary Russian Politics (online course)

EU-Russia Relations Today (online course)

Modern Russia Language and Culture (Session 1, online course)

Financial Risk Management (online course)

Marketing, Advertising and Market Analysis (Online course)

Past courses

Creative Corporate Identity and Visual Language

Proof and Print

International Business: Challenges and Perspectives in a Turbulent World

Functional Programming

Intensive Russian Language and Culture Programme

R for Social Science (Introduction to Programming Language)

Modern Machine Learning

Introduction to eSports Analytics

Cultural and Creative Industries: PR and Image Making

Wrangling Data in R: Application for Business Studies

Analytics Communication and Data Visualization

Cultural and Creative Industries, From Theory to Practice

Empirics for Business: Explorative, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analysis