Saint Petersburg HSE Summer School 2020

Past courses

Python for Social Science (Introduction to Programming Language)

Modern Russia: Language and Culture (Session 2)

BRICS in Global Economy

Personal Finance and Welfare Management

Soviet History: Russia in the Age of Transformations

City As a Narrative: History, Culture and Identity of St. Petersburg

Russian Literature: the Logic of Desire in the Russian Short Story

Contemporary Russian Politics

EU-Russia Relations Today

Modern Russia Language and Culture (Session 1)

Financial Risk Management

Marketing, Advertising and Market Analysis

Creative Corporate Identity and Visual Language

Proof and Print

International Business: Challenges and Perspectives in a Turbulent World

Functional Programming

Intensive Russian Language and Culture Programme

R for Social Science (Introduction to Programming Language)

Modern Machine Learning

Introduction to eSports Analytics

Cultural and Creative Industries: PR and Image Making

Wrangling Data in R: Application for Business Studies

Analytics Communication and Data Visualization

Cultural and Creative Industries, From Theory to Practice

Empirics for Business: Explorative, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analysis