Summer School in Social Science Methods

Past courses

Statistics with SPSS for Social Scientists

Introduction to R and Rstudio

Introduction to Stata

Visual Thinking for (PhD) Researchers

Design Thinking for Research

Quantitative Methods for Social Researchers

Qualitative Analyses of Interview Data

Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)

Causal Analysis with Cross-Sectional Data

Machine Learning - What Is It Good For?

Using Social Network Analysis to Understand Data

Introduction to Qualitative Research Designs

How to Forge Arguments in Writing (social sciences) Scientific Papers

Qualitative Comparative Analysis: Research Design and Application

Ethnographic Methods

Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling

The Art and Science of Qualitative Analysis

Multilevel Modelling

Creating Groups from DatCluster Analysis and Latent Class Analysis

Content Analysis and Natural Language Processing

Discourse Theory and Analysis

Applied Panel Data Analysis

Visual Data and Visual Methods in Social Sciences