ECPR Virtual Summer School in Research Methods and Techniques

Past courses

Introduction to Qualitative Comparative Analysis

Qualitative Data Analysis

Critical Discourse Analysis

Introduction to NVivo

Introduction to R

Python Programming for Social Scientists

Data Visualisation in R

Introduction to Inferential Statistics

Experimental Political Science: Research Design and Application

Qualitative Data Analysis

Visual Analysis in Politics Research

Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis

Introduction to Conjoint Experiments

Causal Inference

Quantitative Text Analysis and Machine Learning Using R

Bayesian Modelling

Applied Regression Analysis: Estimation, Diagnostics, and Modelling

Working with Concepts

Case Study Research: Method and Practice

Using Participatory Research Methods in Political Science Research

Online Qualitative Data Collection: Methods, Technology and Ethics

Interviews as Method of Data Collection in Times of Polarisation

Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis

Mixed Methods Designs: Principles and Procedures