Maastricht Summer School

Past courses

Introduction to Logical Reasoning (& abstract mathematics)

Introduction to Probability Theory

Business Intelligence

Modern Monetary Theory and European Macroeconomics

Media Representations Analysis 2: Images, Social Semiotics and Multimodality

Journalism and effective writing

Trust and Economic Performance – An Economics and Management of Trust Approach

Media Representations Analysis 1: Texts, Critical Discourse Analysis and News Framing

Global Justice

Power, Media & Democracy

English language skills for the international classroom

Advanced English: time to activate your skills

Financial Market Reform in the European Union

Creating health literate societies: bridging the gap of inequality

Europe since the Renaissance - The Making of a Continent and its Identity

Comparative Analysis of Global News Coverage

European Welfare State - current challenges and perspectives

Law and Politics - current topics in the European Union

Positive Psychlogy

Country Risk Analysis 2: Macro-Economic Risk Indicators, Causal Chain Tool and Recession Scenarios for China

Leadership and Management in a Global World

Economics of European Integration - challenges, policies & practices in the European business environment

Country Risk Analysis 1: Political Risk Indicators, Geo-Economics and Report Writing

What's wrong with European Politics: the end of just the beginning of Europe in decline

Development Projects Management

Geopolitical Conflict Analysis 2: Geographical Factors, Geostrategy and Scenario Planning Tools

The End of the World as We Know It? The European Union in a changing global order

European Public Health in a Globalising World

Intercultural Communication

Medical Ethics - moral health care dilemmas and choices from a European Perspective

Psychology in Our World

The European Union - Peace, Conflict and Human Rights

Geopolitical Conflict Analysis 1: Fragmented Identities, Rising Powers and International Security Threats

Service Innovation & Design

Masterpieces of European Art From Ancient Greek and Roman Art up to the modern era

Human Resources Management, Leadership and Culture in an International Context.

Dutch Art History

Entrepreneurship: it's all about creating value

Marketing (skills) for the 21st Century