Oslo Summer School in Comparative Social Sciences

Past courses

Understanding Terrorism and Security in Global Context: Psychological Roots, Consequences, and Interventions

The Anthropology of Ethics

Strategic Dynamic Climate Policy

Elections and Democracy

Public Opinion and Public Policy

The Political Economy of Institutions

After Fukushima: Climate science, nuclear power, and global warming

Global Energy Dilemmas: Energy Security, Globalization and Climate Change

Political Leadership and Democratic Change

Citizenship: Inclusions and Exlusions

The Political Sociology of the Welfare State: Institutions, Cleavages, Orientations

Event History Analysis and the Life Course

Topics in Applied Microeconometrics

Public Engagement and Governance of Science in different Techno-political Cultures

Positive Psychology and Concepts of Well-being across Cultures and Societies: Promoting the Good Life of Individuals and Communities

Radical Right Politics in Western Democracies

Security and Environmental Change

Decentralising Economies: Anthropological Perspectives

Engaging the University in Europe: Understanding the History of an Idea