London, United Kingdom

Summer School in Software Engineering Performance

when 2 July 2018 - 13 July 2018
language English
duration 2 weeks
fee GBP 1000

Software performance and scalability is paramount to business success. Still, we keep seeing in the media reports of large-scale and prominent performance failures leading to system collapse, loss of income, loss of customers, and loss of reputation. In this module, you will study techniques for avoiding such situations through a systematic software performance engineering (SPE) discipline.

We define SPE as a set of techniques and methodologies aimed at identifying, analysing, and mitigating software performance risks before they materialise in the final software product. The aim of SPE is to ensure the final software product is able to handle a projected workload while staying within defined response-time, throughput, and resource-usage parameters.

Course leader

Dr Steffen Zschaler is a senior lecturer in computer science at the Faculty of Natural and Mathematical Sciences at King’s College London. He has been teaching software engineering at university for over 15 years. His research focuses on model-based appro

Course aim

By the end of this module, you should have:

explained to a fellow professional the importance of SPE and a systematic and disciplined approach to software performance from the outset of a development project.
explained to a fellow professional the key concepts involved in modelling and analysing the performance of a software system (including workload modelling, resource-demand specifications, deployment specification, simulation).
explained the key stages in a disciplined SPE methodology and how they can be integrated within current agile development practice.
used state-of-the-art development tools such as SPE-ED and Palladio Simulator to model and analyse the performance of a medium-sized enterprise application.
set up, configured, and run systematic performance tests of a medium-sized enterprise application.
identified and corrected specific performance bottlenecks in models of medium-sized enterprise applications.
communicated clearly and effectively to other members of their development team the findings from predictive performance modelling, and how these should affect further software development.

Fee info

GBP 1000: There is also a one-off application fee of £40. This will be waived for students who are currently studying at King's College London.