Netherlands, Utrecht

Cambridge English First Track (B1 -> B2)

when 8 July 2019 - 2 August 2019
language English
duration 4 weeks
fee EUR 850

English is increasingly being used as a worldwide language of communication, with official language status in 58 countries and 20 more where it is a de facto official language (including Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA). Moreover, English is widely used in higher education and in the business world. This therefore means that speaking English will help you to communicate with people from countries all over the world in a variety of settings. If you would like to be part of this global community, then this is the course for you!

The course focuses on developing a variety of skills and strategies. To aid language growth in all four areas (especially when producing the language in the form of written and spoken English), grammar and vocabulary will be highlighted throughout the length of the course. Trainers will encourage students to develop learning strategies which help them to improve their language skills during their self-study time as well as when they simply hear or read new words. As a result of this focus, trainers will promote the benefits of submerging oneself in the target language. The course will likewise offer a range of entertaining reading and listening exercises to help students to enhance these skills both as classwork and homework. Moreover, students can expect to take part in a variety of speaking activities in order to stimulate conversations suitable to both formal and informal situations. This active use of English will help build confidence and, as the trainer monitors discussion, improve pronunciation. To complement their training in productive skills, students will also be given a variety of writing activities to complete and will receive regular feedback on them.
This course is suitable for people who have reached CEFR level B1. You are required to do a placement test developed by Babel. This test consists of two parts: multiple choice and writing. A teacher will assess your language skills. On the basis of your test result you will get an advice about which course is suitable for you. Please note that it can take up to 5 working days until your language level is assessed

Course leader

Marc Gebuis, Msc

Course aim

This course aims to improve all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), expand your vocabulary and learn self-study strategies. The course’s end goal is for you to reach level B2.

Fee info

EUR 850: Course fee
EUR 650: Housing fee

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