Spain, Madrid

Advanced Interior Decoration and Styling - IED Madrid

when 6 July 2020 - 26 July 2020
language Spanish
duration 3 weeks
fee EUR 3100

All spaces convey emotions and make us aware of the personality of their inhabitants; in them, we perceive the passing of time, the traces of life which have transformed them and of course their future possibilities of transformation.
In the Advanced Interior Decoration and Styling Summer Course, we focus on key issues which define and characterise various spaces.

The dialogue between tangible and intangible; the ambience of the place and what is perceived and can be observed comes from a range and appropriate spatial solutions, as well as the use of materials, the choice of furniture, finishes and textures and the lighting solutions, in order to lend visibility to the meanings, concepts and emotions contained by the space.

Course leader

IED Madrid

Course aim

Course objectives:

• To design elements which differentiate and characterise the interior design of a range of spaces.
• To widen the vision of the constructive elements, not only as a support for construction, but also as a differentiating element in interior design projects.
• To learn how to identify specialised companies in the sector and the most relevant commercial firms as a reference point and a complement to interior design.
• To get to know traditional and innovative materials and to find out about the new applications in interior design projects.

Fee info

EUR 3100: Enrollment Fee - € 1.000,00
Frequency Fee - € 2.100,00


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