Lille & Valenciennes, France

Towards Intelligent & Sustainable Optimisation of Transport Systems (Transport 2019)

when 4 March 2019 - 4 March 2019
language English
credits 6 EC


Co-organised by the Hauts-de-France Polytechnic University (UPHF, Valenciennes) and the Lille Northern France Higher Education & Research Institutions Association (ComUE LNF), the France Excellence Summer School TRANSPORT 2019 is a strong 120-hour training programme focusing on the fundamental aspects of environment-friendly transport systems, in line with top-tier research centres and leading sustainable and intermodal transport industry clusters (1st European area for railway, 2nd French area for car industry, 3rd French area for transport logistics).

Midway between Paris, London and Brussels, at the heart of a high-performance academic and economic hub that makes innovation a priority, TRANSPORT 2019 will provide, on forward-looking and lively campuses, high-standard English-taught classes, scientific and industrial immersion in the field, as well as an introduction to research through a supervised project.

Broadening your international experience under enjoyable and comfortable conditions with fellow students from pre-PhD France Excellence Summer Schools, TRANSPORT 2019 will offer lively social and festive events, full welcome services (incl. accommodation and catering), consistent French language and culture classes, as well as visits of remarkable historical and natural sites in Northern France and Belgium, opening access to a European region always on the move.

Target group

Master or Advanced Bachelor level students
with excellent academic results & in-depth knowledge in materials & fluid & solid mechanics
and advanced English.

Fee info

EUR 0: For any information regarding fees and scholarships, check our website.


For any information regarding fees and scholarships, check our website.