Czech Republic, Ostrava

Adventures of Architecture in Ostrava - Urban Wildness

when 8 July 2019 - 12 July 2019
language English
duration 1 week
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 300

In 2019 the summer school programme is focused on various aspects of wildness in the city. It researches its development in the past and contemporary dynamic changes too. It is interested in differences in behaviour of citizens on one hand and caused transformation of public space and nature on the other hand. The program is based on lectures, site visits and lively and spontaneous experiences. It’s supplemented by individual and collaborative urban games.

Course leader

Dipl. Arch. Eva Špačková, Ph.D.

Target group

The summer school programme complements the university education. It is particularly recommended for students in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning, history of architecture and urban history, municipal development and engineering. Another target group is professionals who want to go beyond the limits of their narrow specialization and people interested on architecture in their programme of life-long education.

Course aim

Our objective is to offer a direct experience of contemporary and historical architecture and urbanism as well as first-hand contact with experts in various fields. An academic programme offers an interdisciplinary knowledge in the fields of architecture, urban planning, history of architecture and urban history on the example of the city of Ostrava.
The summer course is oriented on (post)industrial city of Ostrava from different perspectives of architectural history, current development and transformation to sustainable future of the city and region. A significant part of the program focuses on experimental procedures in the mediation of knowledge and creation of architectural solutions. The summer school of architecture offers 5 working days of creative experience filled with a team workshop, individual mini workshops, urban games in the streets of Ostrava, lectures, discussions, site visits and city research.

Fee info

EUR 300: The includes registration and tuition, study materials, entrance tickets.