Gliwice, Poland

’Architecture and Cultural Heritage of Silesia: Searching for a Common Language’

when 22 July 2019 - 31 July 2019
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 540

This course will introduce you to the world of Architecture and Cultural Heritage of Silesia Region of Poland - strongly connected with process of fast urbanization and industrialization in XIX and XX centuries. The region is rich of valuable and unique post-industrial monuments and historical estates.

The course consists of two main parts:

‘Architecture and Cultural Heritage of Silesia’ – including lectures, sightseeing, guided tours, visits on heritage sites, vernacular houses, local food tasting, meeting with local communities, etc. You will visit a lot of outstanding and unusual sites, you will learn local traditions and the way of living, possible to meet only here. You will visit also post-industrial revitalized facilities and new advanced technology smart buildings.

’Searching for a Common Language in Architecture' – including workshop at the Faculty of Architecture SUT. The main subject of the workshop is 'dwelling in local contexts through the eyes of young architects’. Architecture of dwelling and habitation is a common language in architecture in terms of basic needs, but differs in form, materials and local contexts. We will elaborate a new re-interpretations of houses drawing inspiration from Silesian post-industrial facilities and housing estate architecture, new technology smart buildings and from your local traditions as well, searching for a common language of contemporary housing form and function. Finally we will organize a presentation and exhibition at the University.

Scope of activities:

Silesian post-Industrial Heritage/Revitalization/Historical working estates/ Idea of Silesian house and local community.
’In situ’ classes and guided tours:
Revitalization Educational Tours: /Gliwice/Zabrze/Tarnowskie Góry/Katowice/
Workers’ Estates Educational Tours: /Zandka/ Borzigwerk/Nikiszowiec/Giszowiec/
New Technology Tour: /ApaSmart Gliwice/“Nowe Gliwice”/

Presentation of individual homework elaborations (ppt)/brainstorming in groups/discussion and working hypothesis/

Searching for a Common Language in Architecture' tutoring by academic teachers

Course leader

prof. Magdalena Żmudzińska-Nowak

Target group

Students of architecture and related subjects from all over the world

Course aim

Getting knowledge in field of -architecture, Cultural Heritage of Silesia, history and tradition, post-Industrial Heritage and revitalized facilities and new advanced technology smart buildings

Developing skills in spatial analysis, creative thinking, design thinking, elaborating and presenting ideas of modern architectural structures regarding historical determinants

Developing competences in team building, brainstorming, common work, discussion

Credits info

6 EC
Before arriving, you have to elaborate a Power Point presentation (10 min) about ideas and forms of houses/estates/flats, etc. representative of your local culture. During the workshop you will present and explain particular examples of houses from your country. This homework is mandatory element of the course.
After completing the entire course each students will be granted 6 ECTS

Fee info

EUR 540: The cost includes: Course materials and activities (visits, lectures, seminars, workshops, transport) + Accommodation and some meals