Leeds, United Kingdom

Global Challenges in the Anthropocene: Health, Food Security and Climate Change

when 18 July 2020 - 1 August 2020
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 5 EC
fee GBP 1820

We have now entered a new geological epoch defined as the Anthropocene. During the 20th century, humanity has transformed the geology, biosphere and atmosphere of planet Earth. Given these momentous developments, we are now confronting a range of challenges which are truly global in scale. How is the global governance system coping with these challenges? Which mechanisms, dynamics and solutions exist to confront these challenges? What are the difficulties and dilemmas in confronting these challenges? This module will explore these questions and consider global challenges facing society. You will have the opportunity to study infectious diseases and epidemics. In the twenty-first century, global epidemics have become ever more frequent. You will also examine challenges around agricultural production and climate change. The global food system has turned into the main driver of environmental degradation. This is due to its industrialised production methods and global commodity chains. Increasing CO2 emissions have put further stress on our ecosystems. Not to mention the breath-taking loss of the last few rainforests. You will gain an understanding of how all these challenges defy key notions of the international system. How they reconfigure our understanding of borders. And how they reshape international, transnational and global political dynamics.

Please note, the Leeds International Summer School runs for four weeks (4 July - 1 August 2020). You can choose to study with us for two weeks or for the full four-week programme. Each module lasts two weeks so you study one module if you choose to attend for two weeks and two modules if you choose to attend for four weeks.

Target group

Undergraduate/Bachelor students

Credits info

5 EC
The module is worth 10 Leeds credits = 5 ECTS. You can transfer the credits earned back to your home degree subject to approval.

Fee info

GBP 1820: Includes tuition, accommodation, breakfast and lunch, Monday - Friday, academic field trip, weekend cultural excursions, social programme and premium gym membership.


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