Stuttgart, Germany

Pathogens, Parasites and their Hosts: Ecology, Molecular Interactions and Evolution

blended course
when 1 July 2024 - 18 July 2024
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 7.5 EC
fee EUR 500

The summer school will introduce into the ecology, molecular interactions, and evolution of pathogen-host relationships with respect to animals, plants, and microorganisms, These topics will be addressed in a series of lectures, laboratory experiments, and excursions Following an integrative approach, the aim of the summer school will be a comparison of different biological systems, showing both striking similarities and surprising peculiarities.

Course leader

Prof. Dr. Ute Mackenstedt
Institute of Biology, Section of Parasitology (190p)
University of Hohenheim

Target group

MSc or advanced BSc students of biology or agricultural sciences

Course aim

Intended Learning Outcomes

After completing the course, the participants should be able to
discover the most important host-pathogen systems with plants, animals and microorganisms
compare how different pathogens find their hosts
compare the most important strategies of defense from hosts
compare how different pathogens are able to circumvent these strategies of defense
explain the concept of coevolution of hosts and pathogens and exemplify the consequences for the relationship between both
discuss course content in international groups of students

Fee info

EUR 500: Fees are 500 EURO for housing
We don't charge tuition fees.
EUR 50: 50 EURO as security deposit.


No scholarships available