Pisa, Italy

Periodontal Regeneration: The Alpha and The Omega

when 19 July 2021 - 22 July 2021
language English
duration 1 week
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 250

The course will focus on all regenerative techniques employed in modern periodontal treatment.
It will cover all aspects of periodontal management from diagnosis and assessment to the surgical treatments with a unique and dedicated focus to Periodontal Regeneration.
The course will create a full understanding of the biological wound healing, clinical indications and techniques to treat dierent clinical problems, such as infrabony defects, furcation defects, or even complex periodontal defects using case studies and other exercises and simulation.
The course will be highly interactive, and participants are encouraged to bring along their cases for group discussion.

Course leader

Prof. Filippo Graziani

Target group

Graduates in Dentistry

Course aim

The course will provide specic skills for dental practitioners and give insight to the scholars in terms of research:

Clinical Objectives

- To Perform a correct diagnosis and assessment of the need for regeneration
- To Choose the appropriate surgical technique
- To Manage pre-surgically the regenerative site
- To Perform dierent types of surgical aps
- To discern among dierent regenerative biomaterials
- To Explore new techniques

Academic Objectives

- How to understand literature
- How to explore clinical trials in regeneration
- How to detect research needs and evolution

Fee info

EUR 250: tuition fees



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