Berlin, Germany

On Caring Coexistences

when 13 September 2021 - 17 September 2021
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 580

As members of the feminist art collective Maternal Fantasies the lecturers propose the ‘aesthetics of care’ as the basis for inter-species coexistence.

The workshop explores autobiographical and bodily experiences as material. We will use relational body/voice practices in order to investigate caring adult-child(ren) relationships. One the one hand, we will use a mixture of techniques from contact improvisation; viewpoints as well as performative exercises by Augusto Boal. On the other hand, we will include artistic methods and practices developed by Maternal Fantasies in order to create fantastical scenes/images of our performative explorations using photography while carefully integrating the children into our artistic investigations and working process.

The workshop will be an explorative journey using the maternal* as a still unknown artistic territory, a daring experiment without disciplinary ties, but close links to relational body/voice practices, performative exercises and children ?s games. Additionally, we will develop with the participants a creative skill set DIY style, building body extensions as props to be used in our performative inter-species explorations. Each session will end with a short collective, creative writing exercise in order to form our individual reflections on ‚aesthetics of care‘ as the basis for inter-species coexistence.

Final outcome will be a series of staged photographs and collages using excerpts of the creative writing exercises.

Course leader

Magdalena Kallenberger and Maicyra Leao e Silva

Fee info

EUR 580: Course fee


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